Latoya Cruz is a Sydney based nutritionist, passionate about all things health, hormones and motherhood. Upon completing her studies as a nutritionist, Latoya began running consultations and servicing gyms with a focus on weight loss and sports nutrition clients. Although passionate about sports nutrition and helping people lose weight and feel good, Latoya soon found her new passion for pre and postpartum care, high stress and cortisol as well as hormonal issues. 


In late 2018, Latoya fell pregnant with her daughter Isla. During pregnancy, Latoya read, researched and studied all there was to know about nutrition in pregnancy. After having Isla and dealing with the inevitable fourth trimester, Latoya found that there wasn't all that much support for women who were healing and recovering from child birth. She constantly felt depleted, even though her blood tests suggested otherwise. 

It was because of this that Latoya continued to read, research and study to find the best way to feel better and like her old self again. After countless hours of reading, undertaking as many courses as she could find and attending webinars about all things fertility, pregnancy and postpartum related, Latoya had found her passion. Helping mums care for themselves, recover and heal from birth and pregnancy and return to feeling like themselves again by supporting them nutritionally. 

Latoya also loves to help what she calls the modern day woman. A woman who juggles work, relationships, side hustles, motherhood and all other responsibilities life throws at us. A modern day woman does it all, whilst she may sound like super woman, she also deals with high levels of stress, hormonal issues like nasty periods and PMS and is always so tired. Latoya helps the modern day woman get her health back on track so she can continue being the superhero she is without all the high cortisol, stress and painful periods. 





The Nutritionist behind The Virtual Nutritionist